ciao bella

Never being mistaken for a rigid purist, she glibly donned her lilac
motorcycle jacket when tooling around on her Vespa with Kate Hudson’s
version of Cinema Italiano to hum along to…

ciao bella

Chloé wool vest
$400 –

J Brand j-brand jeans
$365 –

Valentino bag

Melissa Lo blue ring
$120 –

Bouquet minitulipas

when you get what you want, you don’t want what you get…

when you get what you want, you don't want what you get...

jump off the pastel edge

Her alabaster skin implied a cool demeanor when in fact, her delight was
as shrill as a toddler on birthday cake and her temper
hotter than 1000 habaneros…

jump off the pastel edge

Reed krakoff

Bionda Castana wedge sandals
$450 –

Genuine leather handbag
$83 –

Larkspur & Hawk topaz earrings
$665 –

River island
$9.49 –

rainy days & mondays, INDEED…

The muted rustling of the heavy vellum of her coat, the weighty
and inconsistent flapping of the slightly-damp-at-the-hem
leather skirt, and the occasional squeak from her rubber boots
was a welcomed symphony used to shake off another days
indignities provided by Corporate America…

rainy days contest

Acne cable knit sweater
$175 –

Burberry boots

Kate Spade vinyl bag

Onyx jewelry

Fulton umbrella
$32 –

Faliero Sarti scarve
$260 –

citrus & fog III

She would be cleverly sensible via the somber gray, but the jaunty
shoes gave her away. She felt the ring had secret powers and could
harness the warmth of the sun on your face.

citrus & fog III

renaissance woman

No one could deny that she was a sprite worthy of a name like a

Shakespearean creation. She needed to contain her effervescent

and often distracting affect without completely stifling her joie de vivre.

Her navy velvet suit was made for this moment.

renaissance woman

sweetness, your weakness

sweetness, your weakness

$300 –

Plein Sud Jeanius white blazer
$725 –

Gold jewelry

noam, studs & red x!

Dolce Gabbana black cardigan
$1,040 –

Polka dot blouse

MICHALSKY pleated skirt
$420 –

Chanel vintage clip earrings
$545 –

free yourself

To “keep it real”, she believed she must unencumber herself of the worlds expectations
and care only about her own. The unfortunate term is most employed by those weak
souls who have not yet learned how to practice what they yourself

H M long sleeve shirt
$13 –

Sleeveless vest


Rachel zoe shoes

Eddie Borgo stud earrings